In the 1950ies, the Made in Japan was a good source of jokes for comedians everywhere. Cheap toys and gadgets that broke after a couple of days.

In the 1970ies it was Taiwan, and in the 80ies Korea.

Look at the products from all these countries now!

It is true that China’s rapid industrialization in the 90ies took over the cheap and nasty title from the above countries, but, just like Japan, Taiwan and Korea, China is striving to upgrade the quality and reputation of all the products it exports.

There is still some way to go in many cases, and there still exists a huge range of quality standards in the country from totally dishonest, through dreadful, barely acceptable, and all the way up the ladder to world’s best. Do not forget, in its extremely long, unbroken history, China has been pretty good at inventing things and improving on them.

The picture of starving 12 year olds working 18 hour shifts sewing sports shoes is very much at odds with reality.

Workers pay is much lower than the West, that’s why Chinese factories are busy but so are living expenses, food and clothing. For more than 2,000 years, China has placed a high premium on education, and in modern China 9 years minimum schooling is compulsory. If any factory boss were to be found employing underage workers he would be liable for prosecution under China law. This is a lot more compelling than a black mark from a Western store chain!

After nearly 30 years of manufacturing in China, we fully understand the issues of quality and social responsibility that our customers need to be assured of.

We ask every customer to provide us with their full and exact requirements so that we can set down comprehensive guidelines for our inspectors and QC staff that we install in the factory with every order.

We also work with inspection bureaus like SGS and Intertek to audit factories, analyze raw material components and certify ISO ratings before placing orders with suppliers.



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