Delivery deadlines – everyone has them, and they can make the difference between success and failure. GCI understands this fact very well, and works very hard to achieve them.

Vessel times from China to most Western countries are around 30 days, and airfreight, at up to 10 times the cost of sea freight, is not an attractive alternative in nearly all cases.

Added to this are outside influences like vessels shutting off cargo during the peak shipping months from August to October, and Murphy’s Law – which inevitably occurs when deadlines are too tight.

We carefully calculate the time needed from purchase of raw materials/components, to start of production, to final inspection and booking of vessel in order to ensure that both the customer and the supplier have a conservative and successful critical path.

Shipping and handling cost estimates are given to every customer as part of the initial quotation process. Depending upon what the customer wants in the way of shipping terms such as FOB, CIF, DDU or DDP, we will find the most competitive freight pricing for him. The customer can then start his ordering procedure with complete knowledge of the total cost of his product delivered into his warehouse duty paid.

In short, we make every possible effort to eliminate surprises either in cost of product, cost of shipping, quality, or delivery deadlines. There are almost no good surprises in business, so we try to avoid all surprises.